Farel Dalrymple in 5 questions.

FAREL DALRYMPLE is one of my favourite cartoonist, finally I’ve the luck to ask some questions at this awesome artist, just in 5 questions! 


CC- Hi Farel thanks so much for this interview; some Italians readers haven’t familiar with you, what would you say to describe your work?

FD-  Emo psychedelic fiction with some dark whimsy mixed in there.

CC- Your first comic book that you recommend to a new reader?

FD- Probably The Wrenchies or Pop Gun War: gift.wre.jpg

CC- Who are your favorite authors (writers & drawers)? and there are comic books, movies or musics that have inspire your comics?

FD- Frédérik Peeters wonderful Aama series, Taiyo Matsumoto, James Jean, Otomo, Moebius, Tardi, Tatsuyuki Tanaka, Brandon Graham, Tom Herpich, Richard Scary.

CC- My first approach with your books is on the Island magazine from Image Comics with Pop Gun War: Chain Letter, instantly I loved your art, but the story as the art is really charming; I believe imagination is the strongest point of any writer, you can confirm it? Tell us what do you think about it.

FD- I don’t know too much about imagination. I don’t want to shine people on like it is some magical beautiful process for me. I think my motivation for making comics is more like an obsession or addiction. I actively think about my story a lot but it feels more like problem solving with a rare “aha” moment every now and then.
It is a struggle to remind myself to enjoy the journey.

CC- Proxima Centauri is your new project (webcomic) and in 2017 we can finally read it. Can you tell us something about the plot?

FD- Proxima Centauri is sequel of sorts to The Wrenchies. I will be doing it on Studygroup Comics weekly like how I made It Will All Hurt. It features the character Sherwood Breadcoat during three of his years as a teenager trapped on a space station, with a some weird characters briefly shown in The Wrenchies. Once I am done serializing it online I’ll probably do some sort of print version. 


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Italian version of the interview with Farel Dalrymple.

by: Luca Amato






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